A key selling point for Residential Estates is the promise of a greater degree of security from crime. Residents increasingly demand a no-crime environment in return for their investment.  Residential Estates in turn market a “safe” lifestyle as a differentiator, and considerable budgets are accordingly spent on security. Yet crime continues to plague such Estates.  Criminals have become highly professional and are capable of bypassing standard security solutions. Security solutions which are poorly designed, maintained or operated are even more vulnerable.


In the wake of such crime incidents, Residential Estates are increasing being called upon to ensure diligence around their security service systems.  Estates must demonstrate that they have installed appropriate levels of security equipment and services, that these are being used correctly and are maintained as required, and that security personnel are being managed well towards maintaining security integrity. Yet today, security service systems are increasingly complex and sophisticated and require specialist knowledge to operate and maintain correctly. Security management has become a specialist field requiring specialist skills. In reality, only very large Residential Estates can afford a dedicated or specialist security manager, so the role is often delegated to Estate managers. Few such managers have the requisite specialist skills to perform the security management function effectively, and reliance is often made on the advice of security providers, who in turn are likely to place their own interests first.


Advanced Conflict Training (ACT) has developed an offering to meet the need for specialist independent skill to guide the implementation of integrated security service systems. The Quality Assurance Management offering focusses on meeting the need for specialist skill in overseeing the installation, implementation, operation and maintenance of integrated security service systems.


Quality Assurance Management complements day-to-day security providers with specialist services to customize your security solution. The offering is designed to support the onsite security manager with critical quality management functions. ACT is a leader in the provision of military, paramilitary, personal and business safety services and has been providing solutions in challenging environments both locally and internationally for over 9 years, and with our Quality Assurance Management offering we seek to apply our specialized skills to ensure ongoing quality in your security service system.   ACT will provide independent specialist skill to ensure that:


  • Your integrated security system cost-effectively mitigates the correctly identified likely or high impact evolving security threats faced by your Estate
  • The policies and procedures used by your day-to-day security providers are tailored to your unique circumstances in line with evolving threats
  • The various components or layers of your security system are well-integrated, operate effectively and are well maintained over time, through ongoing independent testing and evaluation
  • Your day-to-day security provider maintains excellent service by meeting our stringent independent accreditation requirements on an ongoing basis
  • You receive cutting-edge independent advice on the most appropriate investments in new security technology as it becomes available
  • The guards assigned to your Estate by your day-today security provider operate at optimal levels through ongoing training, in particular on the policies and procedures customized for your Estate
  • You are able to hold your various security service providers to account through our independent reports on all aspects on the effectiveness of your security system.